Colored Hospital Ward

Alexandria Colored Ward
Alexandria, VA Colored Hospital Ward

In order for African Americans to have access to medical facilities, the African American citizens of Alexandria, Virginia felt they had to raise money to contribute to the new hospital. In 1917, the Colored Citizens Association contributed to the new Alexandria Hospital to set aside two Colored hospital wards for their needs.

They raised and contributed the sum of $357.30 to the trustees of the new Alexandria Hospital. This money was for furnishing two wards in the building for the accommodation of colored patients. The Association hoped to increase the total amount to $500 if possible. The contributions were:

City Churches:
Alfred Street Baptist $34.20
Third Baptist $31.52
Roberts M. E. Chapel $31.15
Meade P.E. Chapel $18.60
Zion Baptist $17.35
Ebenezer Baptist $13.25
Shiloh Baptist $12.50
Mount Jezebel(Jezeel) Baptist $5.00
Beulah Baptist $2.00

Rural Churches:
Gum Spring Baptist $36.00
Woodlawn M.E. $10.00
Gunston Baptist $7.90
Franconia Baptist $5.57
Seminary Baptist $5.50

Elks $10.00
Naomi Household of Ruth $10.00
Lancaster Lodge Odd Fellows $10.00
Lincoln Lodge of Masons $5.00
Acacia Lodge of Masons $4.00
W.N. Jackson (Business Mens League) $5.00

District Solicitors:
Mrs. Maria V Simpkins $33.00
Mrs. Rachel Truatt $7.45
Mrs. Effie Tancil $1.05
S. A. Tucker and Marcellus White $40.10
B.F. Watson $5.75
F.H. Rich $4.90
Public Col. March 6, 1917 $.61
Public Col. March 13, 1917 $.70
Total: $368.10


Printing, stationery and postage $10.80

Net balance $357.30

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