‘A Mother Salutes Her Veterans Sons’

Mrs. Charlene Taylor-Napper

Behind the scene of the Alexandria Gazette’s story on Charlene Taylor-Napper dated October 24, 2018.

Mrs. Charlene Taylor-Napper had three sons, Charles ‘Buddie’ R. Napper, Leonard “Lenny” Lee Napper and Erich Dwayne Napper. Only one son is living, Erich.

Buddie married Patricia Mae White and from that union, they had one daughter, Quinnette. Quinnette C. Napper married Darnell Braxton. She has four children De’jah, Jalani, Jacquez and Damin’ka. Buddie was a member of Third Baptist Church.

Lenny married Toni Mcllwan and from that union, they had two sons, Don and Marlon. Lenny’s grandchildren are Keeyana, Kori, Vincia, Taliyah, Don and Jaylon. Lenny was baptized at Sheppard Air Force Base, TX.

Both brothers’ funerals were at Third Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia.

You can read the rest of Mrs. Charlene Taylor Napper’s story in the Alexandria Gazette Newspaper dated October 24, 2018 on page 14 at http://connectionarchives.com/PDF/2018/102418/Alexandria.pdf

Olander Banks – ‘A Blueprint of Success’

From Left to right: Cardell Banks, Olander Banks Jr., Olander Banks Sr., and Ronald Banks (picture taken between 2002 – 2003)

Behind the scene of the Alexandria Gazette’s story on Olander Banks dated October 11, 2018.

Dena Banks, the grandchild of Olander Banks Sr., and she is the daughter of Olander Banks Jr., assisted me in telling the story of her grandfather.

Additional information that was not in the article about Olander Banks and his wife, Margaret Lomax-Banks.

Olander came to Alexandria with his parents when he was five years old. When he was eight years old, his family was living at 934 North Columbus Street in Alexandria. Olander’s parents, siblings and grandparents were all living in the same household in 1930. His parents were Algie and Annetta. Olander’s siblings in 1930 were Algie, Jr., Marshall, Roscoe and Bertram Emanuel. Olander’s grandparents were Fannie and Isaac Banks. His entire family migrated from Danville, Virginia to Alexandria in 1927 except Bertram Emanuel and all the other children who were born after Emanuel were born in Alexandria, Virginia.

Olander married Margaret Lomax after 1940. Margaret was living in the household of her parents, Abraham and Ella Lomax, at 831 North Patrick Street.

You can read the rest of Olander Banks’ story in the Alexandria Gazette Newspaper dated October 11, 2018 on page 8 at http://connectionarchives.com/PDF/2018/101018/Alexandria.pdf.

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