I have been fortunate to discover my genealogy and history interests early in my life.  Support is so integral to any project and I am happy to have always had the support of my husband, my daughter and my mother.  My husband has been there for me from the start, and he continues to render his assistance whenever needed.  I am equally indebted to those people and institutions that have made it possible for me to research the African Americans in Alexandria.  I would like to thank the following:

Institutions: District of Columbia Genealogical Society, Afro-American Historical Society, Virginia Genealogical Society, National Genealogical Society, Alexandria Local History and Special Collection Library, Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Library, Central Rappahannock, Regional Library, Alexandria Black History Museum, Library of Virginia in Richmond, VA, Virginia Historical Society, National Archives, Department of Veterans Affairs, City of Alexandria, Virginia Court House, Arlington County Court House, Fairfax County Court House, Frederick County Court House, Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, Handley Regional Library, Westmoreland County Court House, Prince Edward County Court House, Roanoke County Court House, Lynchburg County Court House, Hanover County Court House, Richmond County Court House, Alexandria Public School Archives, Central State Hospital Archives, Hampton University Harvey Library, Virginia State University Lindsay Montague Building, St. Joseph Catholic Church, St. Mary Catholic Church, Oblate Sisters of Providence Archives – Baltimore, MD, Alexandria Archives & Records Center, Christ Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Virginia Theological Seminary, Meade Memorial Episcopal Church, Third Baptist Church, Shiloh Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Alfred Street Baptist Church, Beulah Baptist Church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mount Jezreel Baptist Church, Oakland Baptist Church, Zion Baptist Church, Aquia Episcopal Church, Mt. Hope Baptist Church, Departmental Progressive Club, Virginia Union University, Norfolk State University, University of Virginia Alderman Library,, Proquest, and

Genealogy:  Damita D. Green, Selma Stewart and Carolyn Rowe

Alexandria City Staff: Leslie Anderson, Special Collection Librarian, Amy Bertsch, City Public Information Specialist, Dr. Pamela J. Cressey, City Archaelogist, Audrey Davis, Assistant Director/Curator of Alexandria Black History Museum, George Combs, Director of Special Collections, Jewel Plummer, Administrative Assistant of Alexandria Black History Museum, Monte Dawson, Valerie Meyer, Public School Archivist and Jackie Cohan, City Archivist of Records

Residents of Alexandria: Sarah Becker, Writer, Mabel Lyles, retired teacher, Tim Dennee (currently lives in Maryland), Lillian Finklea, Robert Dawkins, Dorothy Evans Turner, Corrine Dixon, Barbara Willis, Joyce Stevens, Julie Robben Lineberry and Dana Dishman

Others: Charles Price, Zunny Matema, Julia Randle, Church Archivist, Dorothy Malson Smith, Rita Harris, Arthur Taylor, Pat Roy, Church Historian, Janet Thomas, Church Secretary, Flora Walden Chase, Selician Allen, University Archivist, Adam Zimmerli, Librarian, Sharon Knecht, Archivist, Jessica Johnson, Assistant Archivist, Joyce Jones, Records/Archivist, Renay Durham, Director, Beth Copps – Church Archivist, John Harchick – Head of St. Mary Church’s Cemetery, James Click – Owner of Bethel Cemetery, Wesley E. Pippenger, Author/Genealogist, Deborah Nelson Ford – former resident of Alexandria, Virginia and a member of Mount Jezreel Baptist Church; Barbara Williams a member of Mount Jezreel Baptist Church.

Alexandria Freedmen Cemetery Descendants: Reverend James P. Ashton, Judy Coles-Bailey, Terry Coles, Beatrice Cross Taylor, Ferdinand T. Day, Gwen Day-Fuller, James Henson, Sr., Esq., Mary Morris, Carolyn Phillips McCrae, Norma Jean Jennings Turner, Frances Norton Burton, Elizabeth Brooks Evans, Frances Colbert Terrell, Roland Burke, Harry Burke, Lillian Patterson, Lois Diggs, Bertrum Drayton, Eugene Shanklin Drayton, Sharon Dunlop Green, Rosalind Drayton Lanford, Karen Suggs, Wanda Ellis, Sylvester I. Gaines, Joyce P. Anderson Abney, Dorothy Knapper Taylor, Charlene Taylor Napper, Keith Cave, William Jackson (deceased), Shirley Sanders Steele, Antoinette Lightfoot, James Lightfoot, Bernice Robinson Lee, Betty Dogan Nicholas, Adrienne Washington, Sammie (Samuel) Shanklin, Montess Sanders Wales, Irene Gaskins Macklin, Lucian Johnson, Dorothy Beatrice Hall Smith, Fayrene Richardson, Howard Dishman, Gloria Tancil Holmes and Vernon Tancil, Earlene Brevard Dixon, Milton I. Rowe, and Richard M. Wair.

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