I had the opportunity to join “The Friends of Freedmen’s Cemetery” in 1997.  The goal of this group is to preserve, commemorate and research unknown Civil War-era African American burial ground located on Washington and Church Streets in Alexandria.  The Cemetery has over 1,200 African Americans buried from 1863 to 1868.  The Friends of Freedmen Cemetery informed the public about the cemetery and obtained an historical marker.  The 1997 Board of Directors of the Friends of the Freedmen Cemetery were Lillie Finklea, President, Louise Massoud, Tim Dennee, Char Bah and Shellyn McCaffrey.  You can obtain more information on the Cemetery from the website “The Friends of Freedmen’s Cemetery.”

Many Blacks were buried at other cemeteries in Alexandria, Bethel Cemetery was established in 1885 and Douglass Memorial Cemetery in 1895.  Saint Mary Catholic Church cemetery has a number of black Catholics buried there.

This site will include people and their descendants that were buried in those cemeteries.

5 Responses to Cemeteries

  1. Carol Bucknum says:

    Each time I visit the historic cemeteries in Alexandria, my heart is heavy with the sad state of the Douglass cemetery. I’ve read the short articles referencing the Boy Scout project on Aug. 2019, but wonder since it is under the care of the city of Alexandria if the flooding issue will ever be addressed. Perhaps since by all accounts it has been “abandoned” there is no pressure to address the problem. Very sad


  2. Leslie Brown says:

    wrong contact info
    My email returned. I looked email and discovered correct address pamela.cressey@alexandriava.gov hope you update this info


  3. Leslie Brown says:

    Why or who is adding Contraband to the name of the cemetery?


    • cmb12 says:


      Thanks for your comment/question. Please forward your question to Dr. Pam Cressey. Her contact information is in the blog. Thanks again!


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