1940 Parker-Gray High School Teachers and Graduating Class

1940 Parker-Gray Teachers
PG 1939-1940 Teacher List

The Parker-High School year of 1939 to 1940 had one principal and seventeen teachers.

William H. Pitts, Sr. – Principal
A.W. Adkins – Ninth Grade
Susie Anderson – Eighth Grade
Ferris Holland – Tenth Grade
Louis Johnson – Industrial Arts
Edith W. Keys – Ninth Grade
Sarah Michie – Ninth Grade
Dorothy Pierce – Eleventh Grade
Ruby F. Smith – Home Economics
Marie T. Butler – First Grade
Bernice W. Diggs – Second Grade
Laura M. Dorsey – First Grade
Ellen C. Goods – Third Grade
Evelyn Johnson – Fourth Grade
Alma P. Murray – Second Grade
Julia Prichett – Third Grade
Helen L. Robinson – Fourth Grade

Parker-Gray High School had 15 students that graduated in 1940.

Rutherford Adkins
Alma Arrington (King)
Bernice Arrington (Evans)
Mary Baker (Odom)
Alice Bell (Lewis)
Christine Charity (Johnson)
Clarence Cooper
Urguart Dixon
Vivian Edwards (Putman)
Melba Gamble (Bond)
George Lewis
Theola Martin (Chambers)
Ora Roberts
Collia Strong (Rivers)
Samuel Taylor

Alice Wootton, Civil Rights Organizer

Alexandria Activist
Alice Wootton (Wooton)

Alice Wootton (Wooton) was one of Alexandria, Virginia’s forgotten community leaders. She was a dynamic civil rights leader that was instrumental in advocating for Parker-Gray School to become a high school.

Mrs. Wootton was born in Culpeper, Virginia. She and her husband, Joseph A. Wootton who was a prominent religious, fraternal and labor leader, migrated to Alexandria after 1900. They lived at 610 South Asaph Street. The Woottons had four children, Joseph L, Ruth, Florence and Rose, and they adopted Bertram T. Robertson. Joseph, her husband died around 1920. Alice continued to live in Alexandria, Virginia doing community services until her children migrated to Philadelphia. The family had relatives in Philadelphia.

In 1927, Mrs. Wootton migrated to Philadelphia and continued her community services in civic organizations there. She became very active in her church, Mt. Olive Holy Church in Philadelphia.

On February 14, 1953, Mrs. Alice Wootton died from complications of surgery at the age of 73. She was buried in a family plot at Mt. Lawn Cemetery, Darby, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Alexandria’s African American history is made richer by the contributions of Mrs. Alice Wootton.

Colored Hospital Ward

Alexandria Colored Ward
Alexandria, VA Colored Hospital Ward

In order for African Americans to have access to medical facilities, the African American citizens of Alexandria, Virginia felt they had to raise money to contribute to the new hospital. In 1917, the Colored Citizens Association contributed to the new Alexandria Hospital to set aside two Colored hospital wards for their needs.

They raised and contributed the sum of $357.30 to the trustees of the new Alexandria Hospital. This money was for furnishing two wards in the building for the accommodation of colored patients. The Association hoped to increase the total amount to $500 if possible. The contributions were:

City Churches:
Alfred Street Baptist $34.20
Third Baptist $31.52
Roberts M. E. Chapel $31.15
Meade P.E. Chapel $18.60
Zion Baptist $17.35
Ebenezer Baptist $13.25
Shiloh Baptist $12.50
Mount Jezebel(Jezeel) Baptist $5.00
Beulah Baptist $2.00

Rural Churches:
Gum Spring Baptist $36.00
Woodlawn M.E. $10.00
Gunston Baptist $7.90
Franconia Baptist $5.57
Seminary Baptist $5.50

Elks $10.00
Naomi Household of Ruth $10.00
Lancaster Lodge Odd Fellows $10.00
Lincoln Lodge of Masons $5.00
Acacia Lodge of Masons $4.00
W.N. Jackson (Business Mens League) $5.00

District Solicitors:
Mrs. Maria V Simpkins $33.00
Mrs. Rachel Truatt $7.45
Mrs. Effie Tancil $1.05
S. A. Tucker and Marcellus White $40.10
B.F. Watson $5.75
F.H. Rich $4.90
Public Col. March 6, 1917 $.61
Public Col. March 13, 1917 $.70
Total: $368.10


Printing, stationery and postage $10.80

Net balance $357.30

1939 Parker-Gray High School Students

Senior Students of PG
1939 Parker-Gray High School Graduating Students

Parker-Gray High School had 14 students that graduated in 1939.  There are 15 people in this 1939 picture taken on the front steps of Parker-Gray High School.

Aldrich Adkins

Willie Mae Askew (Griffin)

Daniel Batts

Paul Carter

Louise Euille (Hernandez)

Gladys Howard (Davis)

Marie Johnson

Theola Luckett (Johnson)

John Majors

Lillian Norton (Winslow)

Carlton Tyler

Gladys Wair

William Willis

Eleanor Yeager


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