1940 Parker-Gray High School Teachers and Graduating Class

1940 Parker-Gray Teachers
PG 1939-1940 Teacher List

The Parker-High School year of 1939 to 1940 had one principal and seventeen teachers.

William H. Pitts, Sr. – Principal
A.W. Adkins – Ninth Grade
Susie Anderson – Eighth Grade
Ferris Holland – Tenth Grade
Louis Johnson – Industrial Arts
Edith W. Keys – Ninth Grade
Sarah Michie – Ninth Grade
Dorothy Pierce – Eleventh Grade
Ruby F. Smith – Home Economics
Marie T. Butler – First Grade
Bernice W. Diggs – Second Grade
Laura M. Dorsey – First Grade
Ellen C. Goods – Third Grade
Evelyn Johnson – Fourth Grade
Alma P. Murray – Second Grade
Julia Prichett – Third Grade
Helen L. Robinson – Fourth Grade

Parker-Gray High School had 15 students that graduated in 1940.

Rutherford Adkins
Alma Arrington (King)
Bernice Arrington (Evans)
Mary Baker (Odom)
Alice Bell (Lewis)
Christine Charity (Johnson)
Clarence Cooper
Urguart Dixon
Vivian Edwards (Putman)
Melba Gamble (Bond)
George Lewis
Theola Martin (Chambers)
Ora Roberts
Collia Strong (Rivers)
Samuel Taylor

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