1941 Parker-Gray High School Teachers and Graduating Class

1942 Parker-Gray High School
Photographer Elrich Murphy - Parker-Gray High School 1941 graduation ceremony at Alfred Street Baptist Church

The Parker-High School year of 1940 to 1941 had one principal and eighteen teachers.

William H. Pitts, Sr. – Principal
A.W. Adkins – Ninth Grade
Susie Anderson – Eighth Grade
Ferris Holland – Eighth Grade
Louis Johnson – Industrial Arts
Edith W. Keys – Eleventh Grade
Sarah Mickie – Tenth Grade
E.L. Patterson – Eighth Grade
Dorothy Pierce – Ninth Grade
Ruby F. Smith – Home Economics
Helen L. Day – Seventh Grade
Marie T. Butler – First Grade
Bernice W. Diggs – Opportunity
Laura M. Dorsey – Third Grade
Ellen C. Goods – Third Grade
Evelyn Johnson – Fourth Grade
Alma P. Murray – Second Grade
Elease Newman – First Grade
Julia Prichett – Fourth Grade
Coulta Willis – Fourth Grade

Parker-Gray High School had a large numbers of students graduating in 1941, and twenty-eight students graduated that year.

Courtsey of Frances Norton Burton - published in the Afro-American 1941

Hattie Anderson
Dorothea Bentley (Campbell)
Robert Burke
Daniel Butler
Emily Butler (Bullock)
Robert Butler
Mamie Carter (Norton)
Mildred Chavis (Gilliam)
Roland Evans
Mary Foster (Johnson)
Audrey Gilliam (Walker)
Alma Goff (Griffin)
John Griffin
Novella Grigsby (Stone)
Ella Owens (Lewis)
Mary Luckett (Martin)
Raymond Harris
Jacqueline Henry (Green)
Fred Johnson
Claudia Lane (Johns)
Mattie Lewis
Fred Major
Alberta Newman (Thurmond)
Louise Stokes (Peterkin)
Paul Tyler
Cecelia Warren
Arthur Wilson
Eunice Wright

Alexandria Black Businesses 1876-1877

Black Barbers
Courtesy of the Valentine Richmond History Center - Barber Shop

African American businesses were in Alexandria, Virginia prior and after the civil war. African Americans were Barbers, Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights. There was a Boarding House, Boot and Shoe Dealerships, Butcher business, Oysters & Fish business, Produce & Provisions business, Saloons, a Variety Store, and Wood and Coal businesses.

Some African American businesses were overlooked because they were not identified by race in the Business section of the City Directory for whatever reason. Listed are the people, their occupations and locations for the year 1876-1877 in the Alexandria City Directory.

Barbers and Hairdressers
William Diggs – 80 N Fairfax Street
Thomas E Dulany – 124 King Street
Benj T Dutton – 21 Union Street
Washington Fisher – 154 King Street
William D Green – Royal near Cameron
George T King – Cameron corner Henry
Madella & Palmer – 202 King Street
Herbert P Tancil – 68½ Prince Street
William Triplett II, 8 South Royal Street
Arthur White, 222 King Street

Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights
George P Douglas – Royal and Canal basin
Robert Jenkins – Union corner Duke
Strother Moten – 11 South Lee Street
Andrew Poindexter – Lee near Queen
George W Simms – Columbus near Gibbon
W H Valentine – West end Duke Street

Boarding House
G A Lumpkins – 179 King Street

Boot & Shoe Dealers
Edmond Fry – 105 South Royal Street
Robert Gaines – 109 South Washington Street
John Hackley – Payne corner Cameron
Fenton Harris – 211 Queen Street
French Jackson – Princess near Royal
Isaac Johnson – St. Asaph near Cameron
G A Lumpkins – 179 King Street
Redman & Webb – 135 Cameron Street
John H Webb – Queen near Alfred

William Gray – stall 14 Market house

Oysters, Fish & c
John F Chinn – 268 King Street

Produce & Provisions
Cecelia Rowe – stall 27 vegetable Market
Henry Woodson – stall vegetable Market

Henry Anderson – 200 King Street
William H. Morgan II – Union corner Princess

Variety Store
Samuel Keath – 187 Duke Street

Wood & Coal
S K Lee – Gibbon corner Columbus and Gibbon near Fairfax
A S Perpener – Columbus near King and 182 Duke

Mr. Patrick H. Lumpkins (Snowden School Class of 1896 – 1897)

Mr. Patrick Lumpkins' Class

Patrick H. Lumpkins was one of the teachers at Snowden Public School for black boys. The school was located on Pitt, between Gibbon and Franklin Streets in Alexandria, VA. During the school year of 1916 – 1917, Mr. Lumpkins became the Principal of Snowden School. He replaced John F. Parker, the former principal due to Mr. Parker’s declining health.

Mr. Lumpkins was born in 1855. He married Ms. Lucy A. Webb. They had two children, Helen and Patrick, Jr. For the school year of 1896 – 1897, he taught 3rd and 4th grades and he had 51 students in his class. The students were:

James Ball – age 9, grade 3rd
Robert Cooly – age 12, grade 3rd
Ferdinand Carter – age 11, grade 3rd
James Edmonds – age 15, grade 3rd
Charles Hardy – age 12, grade 3rd
Arthur Jackson – age 11, grade 3rd
Richard Lane – age 12, grade 3rd
Norman Murray – age 8, grade 3rd
Richard Lane – age 12, grade 3rd
Norman Murray – age 8, grade 3rd
Corneliuss Nelson – age 16, grade 3rd
George Simms – age 12, grade 3rd
Isaac Carter – age 16, grade 3rd
Willie Ball – age 11, grade 4th
Randolph Blue – age 12, grade 4th
James B. Craig – age 12, grade 4th
Frank Howard – age 10, grade 4th
Arthur Milton – age 13, grade 4th
Charles Robinson – age 9, grade 4th
Frank Simms – age 9, grade 4th
Allen Taylor – age 12, grade 4th
Robert Webb – age 11, grade 4th
Ollie Dudley – age 15, grade 3rd
James Dixon – age 9, grade 3rd
Herbert Akers – age 11, grade 4th
James McCorkle – age 13, grade 3rd
Andrew Blackburn – age 15, grade 4th
William Cupid – age 12, grade 4th
Walter Gaskins – age 14, grade 4th
William H. Johnson – age 15, grade 4th
Richard Jackson – age 12, grade 4th
Joseph Jackson – age 15, grade 4th
George Lee – age 11, grade 4th
Henry Lucas – age 12, grade 4th
Richard Lancaster – age 12, grade 4th
Arthur Miller – age 12, grade 4th
Isaiah Palm – age 14, grade 4th
Walter Smith – age 11, grade 4th
Courtland Smith – age 15, grade 4th
Park Tancil – age 11, grade 4th
Henry Webb – age 12, grade 4th
William Waters – age 15, grade 4th
Isaac Williams – age 15, grade 4th
James Harris – age 15, grade 4th
Romeo Essex – age 14, grade 3rd
Robert Wills – age 12, grade 4th
James Smith – age 11, grade 3rd
James Peters – age [?], grade 3rd
Clinton Baltimore – age 11, grade 3rd
Samuel Tucker – age 12, grade 3rd
James W. Burke – age 11, grade 3rd

Mount Jezreel Baptist Church 1908 Membership List

Mount Jezreel Baptist Church
Mount Jezreel Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA

Washington (Wash) Jackson is back on the scene again; he was one of the founders of Mount Jezreel Church.

In April 1890, several members of Shiloh Baptist Church, located at 1401 Duke Street in Alexandria, Virginia, left and founded Mount. Jezreel Baptist Church. Some of the members were Moses Stevens, Tilman Giles, Wash Jackson and Harriett Giles. The group met at a meeting place on King Street until Reverend Coleman and the founders secured a lot at 317 North Payne Street.

In 1908, Mount Jezreel Baptist Church was experiencing some leadership problems that led them to court. The Court asked the Congregation to settle their disputes by the ballot. Ninety-seven members of the church voted.

This 104-year old list contains some of the early members of the Church. Thanks go out to two members of Mount Jezreel Baptist Church who assisted with the church history: Deborah Ford Nelson and Barbara Williams. I obtained the membership list from the court case at the Alexandria Circuit Court.

The 1908 Voting Members of Mount Jezreel Baptist Church:

Irene Simms
Ada West
Estella Lewis
Moses Stevens
Thomas E. (T.E.) Arrington
Loula Spence
William Alexander
Susie Vass
William Sheppard
William Fortune
Melvina Hamilton
Lawrence Baker
Alice Hargrave “known as Alice Washington”
Alice Cashon
Christina Derrix
Estella Ferguson
Annie Carter
E. J. Anderson
Harriet Gyles
Louisa Vass
Lettie Palmer
Viney Green
Lizzie Moore
Ann Jackson
Amanda Williams
Mary West
Courtney Wilson
Jennie Williams
David Green
William Thomas
Irene Williams
Lemon Roy
Benjamin Morris
G.S.M Butler
Wash N. Jackson
John A. Wilson
David Shanklin
William Triplet
Sarah Green
Hallie Richards
Alberta Bryant
Delia White
Blanch White
Rose White
Cordelia Scott
Francis Dixon
Francis Simms
Emma Hall
Rebecca Anderson
Mary Snow
Alberta Anderson
Mary Fudd
Sarah Berry
Fannie Watson
Rachel Smith
Ella Braden
Eva West
Delcy Fane or Fare
Isabella Champ
Mary Sheppard
Thomas Beard
Maggie Baker
Richard Johnson
Missouri Baker
Chauncey Randolph
Blanch Parker
Pricilla Palmer
Anges Johnson
Fannie Butler
J.M. Frazier
Ida Triplett
D. Sadie White
Millie Grigsby
Daisy James
William Richardson
Frank Dorsey
Floyd Wise
John Harris
Susan B. Hall
William Robinson
Emma Jackson
Bessie Marshall “now Bessie Harding”
Lafayette Hall
Catherine Ford
Nora Wilson
Martha Butler
Loula White
Lucretia Vass
Andrew Lomax
James Churchill
Jacob Jones
Edward Snow
Nancy Derrix
Maria Roy
Sarah Jackson
Fannie Stewart
Christina Fultz

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