Reaching for Success: Judge Joseph C. Waddy

Behind the scenes of the Alexandria Gazette Packet’s article on, “Reaching for Success: Judge Joseph C. Waddy” – dated October 10 – 16, 2019.

Judge Joseph C. Waddy

Joseph C. Waddy was one of the success stories that came out of Parker-Gray School in Alexandria, VA during the early 1920s. He became a Judge in Washington, DC. While he was a Judge, he was instrumental in improving the District of Columbia’s education system. His ruling on education against the District of Columbia for excluding publicly funded education for disable children still stands today.

The Judge’s Summary Judgement of the plaintiffs on August 1, 1972, Mills v. Board of Education of the District of Columbia, 348 F.Supp. 866,871 (D.C. Cir. 1972) changed the way that the District of Columbia provided funding to their disable children. The ruling was coined as the “Waddy Decree.”

Check out the article on “Reaching for Success: Judge Joseph C. Waddy” October 10-16, 2019 in the Alexandria Gazette Packet on page 8 at

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