1900 Entrepreneurs

There were many African Americans businesses in Alexandria, Virginia.  African Americans were in occupations as barbers, blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, a Boarding House, Boot and Shoemakers Repairs, Coal and Wood, Confectioners, Dressmakers, Eating Houses, Grocers, Gun and Locksmith, a Junk Dealer, a Livery Stable and a Physician. 

Some African American businesses never made it to the Business section of the City Directory for whatever reason.  Listed are the people and their occupations and locations for the year 1900 that were in the Alexandria City Directory.


William Diggs – 312 N Fairfax Street

Dulany & Son – 504 King Street

Ernest G. Grady – 207 King Street

Albert Green – 419 Oronok(c)o Street

Hammond & Jones – 619 King Street

Benjamin F. Lucas – 206 N Fayette Street

Ross & Thompson – 1025 King Street

Larkin Smith – 104 S Royal Street

Herbert P Tancil – 305 King Street

Julia F Triplett – 116 N Royal Street

John Triplett – 211 S Fayette Street

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights

William Davis – 100 Strand Street

Jackson Garrett – 319 N Royal Street

Oliver Norris – Franklin corn S Patrick Street

Boarding House

Champ Carter – 111 S Union Street

Boot and Shoe Makers and Repairers

Beverly Butler – 318 N Pitt Street

Edmond Fry – 420 S Royal Street

Charles Gray – 521 S Columbus Street

Weston Green – 417 N St. Asaph Street

Charles Jackson – 220 N Fayette Street

Gustavus A Lumpkins – 810 Queen Street

George W Martin, 634 S St. Asaph Street

Gilson Spence – 1210 Cameron Street

John H Webb – 227 Commerce Street

Strother Webb – 428 N Patrick Street

Coal and Wood

Harry B Boteler – 716 N Henry Street

Ernest J Frazier – 622 S Washington Street

Sidney D Lane – 417 N Henry Street

Charles Medley – 235 Commerce Street


Edward W Dudley – 934 N Columbus Street

Henry E Green – 212 N Payne Street

Charles Keys – 204 N Fayette Street

William H Rich – 135 Peyton Street


Agnes C Proctor – 408 N Patrick Street

Sarah Taylor – 822 N Columbus Street

Eating Houses

Frank B Baltimore – 204 N Fayette Street

Richard Morgan – 601 S Columbus Street

Anna Shackelford – front of Oronok(c)o Street

Charles Williams – 112 King Street

John A Wilson – 223 Commerce Street


William Burr – 429 First Street

William S Dogan – 601 S Asaph Street

Edmund Hill – 1012 Wythe Street

W N Jackson – 200 N Payne Street

William R Lee – 903 Princess Street

William H Whiting – 517 Gibbon Street

Gun and Locksmith

John Jones – 528 N Columbus Street

Junk Dealer

Thomas E Arrington – 528 Gibbon Street

Livery Stable

Moses Stevens – 1325 Cameron Street


Albert Johnson – 814 Duke Street

Author: cmb12

Char McCargo-Bah is the owner/founder of FindingthingsforU, LLC. She is a professional genealogist, researcher consultant, lecturer, teacher and author coach. She is the author of two books and you can find those books on amazon.com by putting search on her name. She became a Living Legend in Alexandria, Virginia in 2014.

One thought on “1900 Entrepreneurs”

  1. The original signage for the grocery store at 601 S Saint Asaph has just been uncovered (June 2015) in a recent renovation. I hope someone in the city is working to preserve this! This is an important piece of the city’s African American history and if it’s covered with siding or paint it would be such a shame


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