Dr. William H. Madella (Snowden School Teacher)

Dr. William H. Madella
Dr. Madella's Snowden Class - 1896 - 1897

Dr. William H. Madella was one of the first teachers at Snowden Public School for black boys founded in 1870. 

Dr. Madella was born in 1855.  He married Ms. Senia M. Walker.  He taught 4th and 5th grades at Snowden School for the school year of 1896 – 1897, and he had 47 students in class.  The students were:

 Raymond Murray – age 11, grade 5th

Alfred Williams – age 13, grade 5th

Marshall Raines – age 14, grade 5th

Alfred Hamilton – age 10, grade 5th

Harry Anderson – age 11, grade 5th

Horace Hill – age 12, grade 5th

Raymond Bentley – age 13, grade 5th

Frank Chinn – age 12, grade 5th

Ralph Jackson – age 11, grade 5th

Basil Bush – age 14, grade 5th

Morris Murray – age 10, grade 4th

Edgar Johnson – age 12, grade 4th

Alfred Johnson – age 11, grade 4th

William Lomax – age 13, grade 4th

Isaac Thornton, age 11, grade 4th

Lawrence Arnold, age 11, grade 5th

Eppa Murray, age 14, grade 5th

Douglass Richardson, age 12, grade 5th

Lemont Haney, age 15, grade 5th

Temple Carter, age 13, grade 5th

Grafton Cupid, age 13, grade 5th

Daniel Griffin, age 16, grade 5th

Philip Webb, age 13, grade 5th

Charles Smith, age 14, grade 5th

John Williams, age 16, grade 5th

Arthur Acey, age 13, grade 4th

Robert Bush, age 13, grade 4th

Boyd W. Burke, age 13, grade 4th

Robert Cole, age 13, grade 4th

William Jackson, age 16, grade 4th

Wesley Lucas, age 15, grade 4th

Joseph Lucas, age 13, grade 4th

Herbert Murray, age 10, grade 4th

Frank Rose, age 15, grade 4th

Louis Raines, age 13, grade 4th

Ellis West, age 13, grade 4th

David White, age 15, grade 4th

Alfred White, age 13, grade 4th

Edward Brown, age 12, grade 4th

Ernest Adkins, age 14, grade 5th

Frank Jackson, age 14, grade 5th

John Peters, age 15, grade 4th

Julian Earley, age 11, grade 4th

Edgar Lewis, age 14, grade 5th

Angus Lewis, age 15, grade 5th

Howard Barret, age 14, grade 4th

Harry Carter, age 16, grade 4th

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