1934 Alexandria, Virginia Black Businesses

1934 Black Businesses
1934 Alexandria, Virginia Black Businesses

African Americans in Alexandria, Virginia had a long history of entrepreneurial skills. Prior to the passing of the Social Security Act in 1935, people did not have retirement pensions unless they worked for the State or Federal government. The government employed only a few African Americans prior to desegregation. Many African Americans became entrepreneurs to survive. Many of them were skilled artisans and others opened up businesses to support the many demands of the Black communities.

The 1934 Businesses Directory listed African American businesses and occupations. The listing is not complete because some African Americans did not report their business to the City Directory. Listed are the individuals and the names of those African American businesses that were reported.

Ambulance Service
Rhines, John T & Co, 221 N Patrick Street

Automobile Funeral Service
Rhines, John T & Co, 221 N Patrick Street

Automobile Repairing
Cox, Ernest – 1007 Montgomery Street

Baker – Wholesale
Alexandria Home Bakery – 521 N Henry Street

Gordon, William – 700 N Patrick Street
Jackson, Frank E – 207 King Street
Rogers, Herbert – 1022 Pendleton Street
The Royal – 210 N Payne Street
Saxon, Foster – 401 Wolfe Street
Tancil, H P & Son – 712 King Street
Wallace, Joseph H – 528 Gibbon Street
Wallace, Thomas M – 1124½ Prince Street
Whiting, Charles W – 334 N Fairfax Street

Beauty Shop
Duke, Laura M – 1005½ Oronoco Street

Valentine, Alfred D – 802 Wolfe Street

Boarding House
Cantey, Jennie – 307 Gibbon Street

Buildings – Office and Public
Collins-Blue Building – 303 N Alfred Street

Douglas Cemetery – Wilkes extended near S West

Adventist – Church
Seventh Day – 1020 Pendleton Street

Baptist Churches
Alfred Street – 313 S Alfred Street
Beulah – 320 S Washington Street
Ebenezer – 909 Queen Street
Mt. Jezeerel – 317 N Payne Street
Mt. Olive – 430 N Pitt Street
Oakland – King extended near Braddock Rd
St. John’s – 913 N Alfred Street
Second – 417 N Pitt Street
Shiloh – 1401 Duke Street
Third – 923 Princess Street
Zion – 714 S Lee Street

Catholic Church
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic – 701 N Columbus Street

Episcopal Church
Meade Memorial Chapel – 324 N Alfred Street

Holinesses Church
Church of God and Saints of Christ – 411 S Columbus Street
Evangelical Christian – 400A N Fairfax Street

Roberts’ Chapel M E – 604½ S Washington Street

Community – 430 N Pitt Street
Presbyterian Chapel – 634 N Patrick Street

The House of Prayer – 517 Gibbon Street

Adkins, Andrew W (Baptist) – 816 Queen Street
Austin, Thomas N (Methodist) – 614 S Washington Street
Ross, Samuel B (Baptist) – 1018 Oronoco Street
Sowers, John S (Baptist) – 120 E Peyton Avenue (Del Ray)
Stanton, N Howard (Baptist) – 1021 Oronoco Street
Strong, Richard B (Presbyterian) – 505 S Columbus Street
Watkins, Benjamin H (Holiness) – 424 S Washington Street

Barbour, Bessie – 237 N West Street
Darnell, Hattie L – 117 S West Street
Richards, Maggie F – 1001 Oronoco Street
Townes, Maggie – 120 N West Street

Embalmer, Funeral Director and Funeral Home
Rhines, John T & Co – 221 N Patrick Street

Arrington, James – 712 N Henry Street
Carter, George H – 901 N Patrick Street
Jackson, Fairfax Jr – 1008 N Royal Street
Minor, James – 432 Pendleton Street
Taylor, Patrick – 438 S Columbus Street
Watson, William F – 1226 Madison Street

Elks’ Home – 227 N Henry Street
Liberty Hall – King extended near Braddock Rd
Lyric Hall – 518 S Pitt Street
Odd Fellows’ Hall – 411 S Columbus Street

Mutual Life Insurance Company
Richmond Beneficial Insurance Co (life) – 418 N Patrick Street
Southern Aid Society of Virginia Inc (life) – 313 N Patrick Street

Collins, Alfred H – 303 N Alfred Street
Jackson, Fairfax Jr – 1008 Oronoco Street
Murray, William McK – 405 N Alfred Street
Tucker, Samuel W – 901 Princess Street
Williams, Robert M – 405 N Alfred Street

Johnson, Lavinia – 510 N Patrick Street

Rhines, John T & Co – 221 N Patrick Street

Motion Picture Theatres
Capitol Theatre – 1101 Queen Street

Physicians and Surgeons
Chissell, Herbert G – 521 S Royal Street
Durant, Oswald D – 708 Pendleton Street
Johnson, Albert – 814 Duke Street
Penn, Abram B – 809 Princess Street
Piper, Paul E – 809 Princess Street
West, Charles F – 405 N Alfred Street

Radio Repairer
Leon’s Service Shop (Leon Baltimore) – 600 S Washington Street

Real Estate
Tucker & Watson – 901 Princess Street

Restaurants and Lunch Rooms
Allen, John T – 1000 Pendleton Street
Bell, Robert S – 1028 Queen Street
Hammond, Alberta M – 1227 Queen Street
Johnson, Elmore – 238 N Henry Street
Rector, George – 601 Gibbon Street
Turner, Elmore – 211 N Payne Street

Schools – Public
Parker-Gray School – 901 Wythe Street
Rosenwald School – King extended near Braddock Rd

Schools, Colleges and Academies
St. Joseph’s Parochial School – 711 N Columbus Street

Shoe Repairers
Gray, Charles H – 413 S Columbus Street
Martin, John W – 523 Gibbon Street

Shoe Shiner
Boston Shoe Shine Parlor – 408 King Street

Societies – Benevolent and Fraternal

Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
Harmony Lodge No 818 – 411 S Columbus Street
Lancaster R H Lodge No 1370 – 411 S Columbus Street

Independent, Benevolent, Protective Order Elks of World
Alexandria Lodge No 48 – 227 N Henry Street

Acacia Lodge No 32 – 411 S Columbus Street
Ligon Lodge No 2 – 411 S Columbus Street
Parker Lodge No 1341 – 411 S Columbus Street
Universal Lodge No 1 – 411 S Columbus Street

Soft Drinks
Lyles, C Julian – 1200 Cameron Street

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