1945 Parker-Gray High School Teachers and Graduating Class

Parker-Gray 1945 Class
1945 Graduating Class of Parker-Gray High School

The Parker-Gray High School year of 1944 – 1945 had one principal and twenty-two teachers.

William H. Pitts, Sr. – Principal
A.W. Adkins – Math
Susie E. Anderson – Biology
Arthur W. Bracey – Shop
Mary C. Brown – Physical Education
Edith W. Casey – English
Flora W. Chase – Typing and Shorthand
Helen L. Day – Seventh Grade
Laura M. Dorsey – Third and Fourth Grades
Ellen C. Goods – Third Grade
Ferris Holland – Chemistry
Earleen L. Hughes – French and English
Louis R. W. Johnson – Physical Education
Dorothy P. Key – Librarian
Thelma Mickens – First Grade
Alma P. Murray – Second Grade
Edward Patterson – Music
Bernice J. Perry – Seventh Grade
Julia Pritchett – Fourth Grade
Mabel Lee Smith – Math
Ruby F. Smith – Home Economics
Geraldine Stevenson – Seventh Grade
Mary Tunstall – English and Social Studies

Above is a picture of Parker-Gray High School graduating class of 1945. Thirty-five students were in the Class of 1945.

Dorothy Anderson
Houston Brooks
Esther Brown (Thompson)
Audrey Butler
Earnest Carroll
Vernon Carroll
Mary Casey
Herbert Clayborne
Lorraine Cleveland (Bell)
Marjorie Cross
Vivian Cross (Johnson)
Pauline Dial (Jackson)
Jackquelyn Diggs
James Freeman
Catherine Harris (Wair)
Lorretta Harris
Evelyn Howard (Hopkins)
Doris Jackson (Adkins)
Edith Jackson (Williamson)
Clarence Lane
Marian Lawson
Rebecca Lewis (Freeman)
Robert Lewis
Julian Lyles
Mary Major (Fields)
Edgar McGee
Sherman McGuire
William Moore
Rubye Patterson
Walter Owens
Arthur Taylor
Augustine Taylor
Bessie Taylor (Faulker)
Jennie Triplett (Harris)
Maurice Williams
Katie Wright

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