1948 Parker-Gray High School Teachers and Graduating Class

1948 Alexandria, VA Teacher’s List

The Parker-Gray High School year of 1947 – 1948 had one principal and twenty-four teachers.

William H. Pitts, Sr. – Principal
Mary Tunstall Adams – Social Studies
A.W. Adkins – English, Math
Susie E. Anderson – English, Biology
Arthur W. Bracey – Shop
Janie R. Browne – Third, Fourth
Edith W. Casey – English
Flora W. Chase – Typing, Shorthand
Helen L. Day – Seventh Grade
Laura M. Dorsey – Fourth Grade
Thelma M. Dorsey – Second Grade
Lauretta H. Hall – Art, Social Studies
Ferris Holland – Science
Earleen L. Hughes – English, French
Louis R. W. Johnson – Physical Education
Rubye Johnson – Physical Education
Dorothy P. Key – Librarian
Alma P. Murray – First Grade
Edward L. Patterson – Music
Bernice J. Perry – Seventh Grade
Julia E. Pritchett – Seventh Grade
Lucile Smith – Third Grade
Mabel Lee Smith – Math, Science
Ruby E. Smith – Home Economics
Geraldine Stevenson – Seventh Grade

There was forty-three students in the Class of 1948.

Carmeen Powell Adams
Aaron Anderson
Claudine Evans Belk
Samuel Brice
Edward Bumbroy
Robert Burless
Katherine Lomax Daniels
Willie Daniels
Barbara Scott Diggs
Doris Jennings Duncan
Alma Horn Gayton
Margaret Shepherd Grimes
Theresa Bentley Hamilton
Carrir McCollugh Hanson
John Harris
Valeria Stanton Henderson
John Herring
Ralph Holland
Christine Howard
Neal Jackson
William Jackson
Herman Lewis
Joseph(us) Lovelace
Lula Martin
Shirley Miller
Francis McGee
Herbert McGreer
Kolan Newman
Jean Butler Patton
Louis Gaskins Pope
Nellie Brooks Quander
Janet Slaughter Revis
Herbert Spears
Suzanne Gaskins Stein
Phyllis Roy Tate
Clayton Thompson
Thomas Turner
Bernice William Vaughn
Clifton Wanzer
Lloyd Wanzer
Carton Willis
Georgia Hollinger Wilson
Henry Wilson

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