Alexandria Gazette Packet’s article – “A Mother’s Unconditional Love”

Carolyn Phillips-McCrae
Foster daughter of Mrs. Jennie Bell-Cantey

Behind the scenes of the Alexandria Gazette Packet’s article on, “A Mother’s Unconditional Love”– dated May 2-8, 2019.

Mrs. Carolyn Phillips-McCrae was extremely lucky that her mother made a decision to hand her over to Mrs. Jennie Settle Travis-Bell Cantey. She had the ability to love so many children like they were her own. It is believed that Mrs. Jennie was not raised by her own mother but whatever her childhood situation was, she impacted the lives of 44-children in a positive way.

Mrs. Carolyn heard numerous stories from Mrs. Jennie “Mama” about Fauquier County, Virginia where Mrs. Carolyn thought that was where Mama was born. Through genealogical research, I found that Mama was born in Rappahannock, Virginia. On her marriage license to her first husband, she stated that she was born in Rappahannock, Virginia. She and her first husband married in Fauquier, VA where he was born.

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