Passing The History On – Lois Diggs Davis

lois special 1 Alexandria, Virginia is a unique place that is rich in history. The history in Alexandria goes back beyond the birth of George Washington who frequently visited Alexandria during his lifetime. Many African Americans in Alexandria have made many contributions to Alexandria through their labor, artisans, religion, educators, businesspersons, government employees and politicians.

Some of these African Americans in Alexandria have history that go back to the Colonial Period, and a great deal of the African Americans have family members who came to Alexandria during the Civil War. One of those African American families that came to Alexandria prior to the Civil War was the Diggs’ Family.

You can read the article on Lois Diggs Davis titled, “Passing The History On” in the Alexandria Gazette at this link: 

The Other Alexandria: Passing The History On – Lois Diggs Davis (

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