Correction to Remembering Parker-Gray School from 1920 – 1965

Front row from left to right: Bernadine Price, Helen Toms, Carolyn McCrae and Alice Thompson; Second row from left to right: Catherine Ward, Pearl Turner, Gertrude Murray and James Beatty and members not in the photo are Jacqueline Golden, Lovell Lee and Ida Gambrell

Two corrections were brought to my attention in my article in the Alexandria Gazette Packet dated August 2nd. One was the picture of the Parker-Gray Alumni Association’s officers. The picture did not include all the names of the individuals; and, one of the member’s names was incorrect.

The second correction was that Parker-Gray did include a 12th grade in the 1950s at their new location at 1207 Madison Street.


Author: cmb12

Char McCargo-Bah is the owner/founder of FindingthingsforU, LLC. She is a professional genealogist, researcher consultant, lecturer, teacher and author coach. She is the author of two books and you can find those books on by putting search on her name. She became a Living Legend in Alexandria, Virginia in 2014.

4 thoughts on “Correction to Remembering Parker-Gray School from 1920 – 1965”

  1. Hi Char,

    Just reading your article! I’ve been doing research for my film, and although this part won’t go into my film, I learned that Hallowell school was founded early 1800’s by mister Hallowell, and was for the white kids. Girls, I think. The children of my film’s subject, William Gregory went there. It was on North Washington street back then. Had an interesting staircase out front at the time.



    1. Thanks Ellen! The Hallowell School that I wrote about is the African American Hallowell School for Girls. It was funded by the Freedmen Bureau in 1870. The School was named after a white teacher who had the Hallowell School prior to the Civil War. Thanks!


  2. Hi Char,

    Congratulations on getting this article into the Gaz Packet! I have always wondered about Parker-Gray school.



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