Correction to Remembering Parker-Gray School from 1920 – 1965

Front row from left to right: Bernadine Price, Helen Toms, Carolyn McCrae and Alice Thompson; Second row from left to right: Catherine Ward, Pearl Turner, Gertrude Murray and James Beatty and members not in the photo are Jacqueline Golden, Lovell Lee and Ida Gambrell

Two corrections were brought to my attention in my article in the Alexandria Gazette Packet dated August 2nd. One was the picture of the Parker-Gray Alumni Association’s officers. The picture did not include all the names of the individuals; and, one of the member’s names was incorrect.

The second correction was that Parker-Gray did include a 12th grade in the 1950s at their new location at 1207 Madison Street.


Remembering Parker-Gray School from 1920 – 1965

Behind the scene of the article on Parker-Gray School.

Parker-Gray School
1920 – 1965

Parker-Gray School was established in 1920 in Alexandria, Virginia. The first building was located at 901 Wythe Street where the present day Charles Houston Recreation Center is located. The school had grades 1 through 8. By 1930s, high school classes were added going up to grade 11. The first graduating class was in 1936. In September 1950, Parker-Gray High School moved into their new building at 1207 Madison Street. The last graduating high school class was in 1965. In 1975, the Parker-Gray Alumni Association started to celebrate Parker-Gray School’s history and to award scholarships to descendants of Parker-Gray School.

An article in the Alexandria Gazette Packet dated August 2, 2018, on page 11 gives more details of Parker-Gray School’s humble beginnings. You can read the article at If you want to attend this year Parker-Gray School’s Alumni Banquet weekend scheduled for August 17 – 19, 2018, please send an e-mail to me with your contact information; I will pass the information to the coordinator of the Parker-Gray Alumni Association.

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